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This year, a major focus for us has been working on literacy and independent reading. We have been learning about and implementing a reading system called, “The Daily 5” which teaches students the skills they need to be independent readers and writers. But what is the use of this? What good does independent reading really do for our students? Well, according to the 2009 PISA results the answer is clear.

PISA is a test that measures education systems performances against each other. It tests critical thinking skills and applied knowledge. This test is useful to us, in that it guides us in a direction towards best practices in education in a global context. Here is an interesting finding from the test results:

“PISA 2009 found that in more than two-thirds of participating countries, including Singapore, doing at least some daily reading for enjoyment improved reading performance. Across countries, students who read fiction tended to achieve higher performance, compared to other types of reading material. In Singapore, students who read fiction and newspapers regularly had higher Reading scores than students who did not.” (MOE Singapore, International OECD Study Affirms The High Quality Of Singapore’s Education System, http://www.moe.gov.sg/media/press/2010/12/programme-for-international-student-assessment-2009.php)

Teaching children how to find the right books for them, how to improve their literacy skills, and how to read for “fun” is imperative to reading performance.

For more information about “The Daily 5” please return back to this blog for follow up posts or check out http://thedailycafe.com.