It was hard finding the right kind of form to use. For documentation purposes we have to use the Obs 3 form, but for me it wasn’t a good starting point for a good conversation. It was too complex and a bit disorganized. I made up a simple and clean form with a few key questions that can spark a really good conversation. The front of it is basically a lesson plan organizer with room for notes, and the back has 5 questions:

1. What percentage of the class met the objectives?

2. Which parts of the lesson went well?

3. Which aspects need revision?

4. Which student’s participation stood out?

5. Which student’s need extra guidance?

a. How can we help them catch up?


The first question gets us thinking about the class as a whole. Did we get done what we thought we would? Then we get thinking about what specifically went well, and what needs work. Finally, we look at individuals. Are only a few students really participating? Why is that? Which one’s need extra support and how can we do that?

This form has worked the best for me. I ask teachers to use it when observing my demo lessons, and I use it when observing theirs.