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I wish I had pictures right now of the way some of the school libraries look. Here are some of the things that I’ve noticed:

  • disorganized
  • not in use
  • barely existant
  • clean and tidy, organized, but few books (very little relevance)
  • a complete disaster

In better shape are the SAL rooms (self access learning). Being the bibliophile that I am, the state of the books made me want to cry. So, I’ve been working with teachers and will be working with library teachers to get things a bit more organized. After going through a lot of information about library organizing software or online databases I found LibraryThing.

This is the best online database I could find that suited our needs. I was able to look up most of the books (and some are a bit obscure) by just imputing titles.
I will be training some library teachers how to organize their stocks.

The next task is to devise a check out system.