Ongoing lessons using hands on activities and role playing. This lesson comes from Unit 6 KSSR Year 2, Delicious Food. Here are some pics of the kids enjoying making their own menus to use in the role play:

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Objective: Students will be able to act out a restaurant scenario using vocabulary words and sentence structures

Materials: plain paper, markers or colored pencils

Procedure: Review words that students know about food. Make a chart on the board.

food               drinks

Talk about and explain these vocabulary words: menu, table, chairs, food, drink, eat

  • Go over sentence structures on pg. 45
  • guided role play with teacher
  • explain to the students they are going to work in groups to create a menu for their own restaurant. It should have a name, food, drinks, and prices. They can also decorate with pictures.
  • split the students into groups, hand out materials, and supervise menu creation.
  • role play a restaurant scene using student created menus.

listening: hearing vocab, participating in role plays

speaking: role plays
reading and writing: menu creation and use
Language Arts: Menu creation

In class assessment:

5 all students on task, menu is neat and precise, good participation in role play
4 most students on task, menu is accurate, good participation in role play
3 some students on task, menu is acceptable, ok participation in role play
2 most students not on task, menu is sloppy, poor participation in role play
1 students not on task, menu is not acceptable, no participation in role play

group assessment:

     group name     students in group     menu score     role play score
ex. Star Cafe          student 1                    4                    3
                              student 2
                              student 3
                              student 4
                              student 5