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The 21st of September was the International Day of Peace, a day set aside for all people to lay down their arms, and take a stand for international, personal and interpersonal peace.

This is something really important to me, and so I wanted to try to urge my schools to take part. I emailed, talked to teachers in person, and then went to the GBs (principals) to ask if we could run a peace day program.

2 schools agreed to participate, but in the end I think all 5 schools eventually used my lesson plan.

I lost the file for the lesson plan but basically I gave a talk about what they day means internationally and what it means for them, and then asked everyone to make a wish for peace and then we learned how to fold paper cranes together. At one school they watched a short youtube film and then made the paper cranes.

In the end, everything went really well! Here are some photos!

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