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Last week, I felt really good about what we accomplished. All demos were met with, “Ah, yes, these are things I will use in the future.” I did a shadowing of one of the other mentors on my team and that went really great as well. Sometimes I feel a bit jealous, because I don’t have any of these small, quaint, rural schools. Most of my schools are massive, overcrowded, and highly underfunded. It makes a big difference in the attitude of everyone involved, including the kids.

I also think that I will share all my relevant lesson plans and resources via this blog. Could be helpful to anyone else working in this arena. You can see most of my uploads via Scribd:


Sometimes, I’ll just post the lesson plan here. Or, maybe I’ll do both.

So, coming into this week I had a really refreshing weekend excursion to the Cameron Highlands (see Nomad Nichole) and was rearing to go for today’s demo lesson. I had gotten a text last night with the topic for the lesson: Month’s of the year. I thought to myself, “Ok, this is going to be easy.” And it was. The lesson went really well, and the kids had so much fun sharing their birthdays and cutting and pasting the months in order.

After the lesson I asked the teacher what she thought. “Oh that’s very nice, but I could never do that because I have to follow the syllabus.” Well, what does it say you have to do on the syllabus. “Months of the year.” Isn’t that what I just did? “Yes, but I can’t do activities. Maybe after the test I’ll do activities.” When I demonstrated how everything I did was reinforcing the vocabulary she said, “Well, I’m Bahasa Malay trained, not English trained.” At that point, I just said, “Ok, well I am more than happy to help with anything you need. Worksheets, lesson plans, ideas, just drop me a line.” I handed her a bunch of extra worksheets and left it at that.

It’s so disheartening when all you hear are excuses. *Sigh* So, I hope the rest of the week goes better. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming holidays!