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I’ve spent the past two days at my SK (national) school working with 3 different teachers. One of them is not directly under me but asked for my help, and of course I agreed to do a demo for her. Her class was a year 4 lower level class. I’ll give the lesson plan at the end of this blog post. We had an hour and a half to complete the lesson, and actually we got through only the first half of the lesson. Their regular teacher will continue on with the rest of it during the next class, and she also asked to borrow my book to use with her other year 4 class.

The lesson went really well. The kids responded well to the story of the Zax. It’s a very simple and funny story, and they were able to use sentences to solve the problem of the Zax. Most of the kids decided that one Zax would go under the legs of the other Zax. One group said that one Zax can step over the other Zax.

Here are some pictures of the brainstorming:

Malaysia, My Country Lesson Plan


  • Learn directions of the compass
  • Listen and respond to a story
  • Use simple and compound sentences to solve the problem of the Zax in teams
  • Read and analyse factual texts (tourism brochures)
  • Use simple and compound sentences + the suffixes –er and –est to describe famous places in Malaysia

Learning styles addressed: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, tactile, linguistic, and interpersonal

Materials: Malaysia tourism brochures, large pieces of white paper, markers or coloured pencils, glue, story book, “The Zax”

Pre-lesson Prep:  The week prior to the lesson ask the students to prepare to share a family tradition with the class. They can bring something to show the class (traditional clothes, music, art, etc.), sing a song, describe a holiday. Each student must share one thing.


Show a map of the globe. Describe the north and south poles. Show a compass and explain the points of the compass. Ask the class to label the walls of the room according to their compass points. (N, S, E, W, NW, NE, SW, SE)

Play a game using the target vocab (Wall Match)


Read the story, “The Zax.” Ask comprehension questions. Ask the students to sequence the story.

Problem Solving:

Put students into 3 teams. Tell them each team is going to try to solve the problem of the Zax. The Zax cannot move to the east or to the west. How can they pass each other? Give the teams points for

1. Using at least one simple sentence

2. Using at least one compound sentence

3. Solving the problem of the Zax.

Malaysian Traditions:

Talk about the different cultures in Malaysia. Show pictures of things that represent each culture. Ask the children if they know what the items are. Describe the different religions, and ask what it means to respect each other’s traditions and beliefs. Then let the students share what they have prepared about their families traditions.

Places and People of Malaysia

Put the students into groups. Give each group a Malaysia tourism brochure. Ask the kids to make a poster using the brochures, scissors, glue, markers, etc. to explain about a place in Malaysia. Ask them to give details about the state, what is it like there, what can you do there, etc. The group will present their poster to the class.